Pitbull misinformation dangerous

I am writing about the chihuahua that was killed by a pit bull. This is a tramautizing and devastating thing and I am so sorry for Carol Strachan.

I understand how upset she is, however, I disagree with her suggestion that something should be done about pitbulls.

For several years I was the Pacific Assistance Dog Society representative in Campbell River. Part of my responsibility was to assess owners and their dogs who wanted certification as therapy dogs.

I assessed several pit bulls and all of them passed. I am also a former owner of a pit cross who was one of the sweetest dogs I ever had.

There is huge misinformation out there about this type of dog. These bully breeds are actually considered one of the most gentle, loving dogs.  According to the American Temperament Test Society, in 2012, 86.8% of American Pit Bull Terriers passed society tests that measure stability, aggressiveness, friendliness, and protectiveness. 85.2% of golden retrievers and 80.1% of collies passed these tests.

Pit bulls are considered terrific family pets because they are generally so loving and good natured. Sadly it is usually the owners who do not properly train and exercise their dogs that are the root cause of the problems with any breed.

And pit bulls are terriers, a group bred to hunt and hold on to their prey.

So when they do attack they don’t back down – just like any terrier.It is common to want to lump groups together.

We see it with groups of people being villified as well as certain breeds of dogs like pit bulls.

This is uninformed and dangerous, in my opinion.

Barbara Swanston

Campbell River