Parks are for kids

There is no one who would not want the park kept in tip top shape

I was compelled to reply to the letter in the Campbell River Mirror Sept. 27, 2013.

There is no one who would not want the park kept in tip top shape, the upgrade is and has never been the issue here.  Play equipment for children is.

On one hand Shayla Adams identifies herself as a “parent” and that this upgrade is just what the park needs.  She furthers states that this upgrade would be a draw for “tourists.”  She does not explain to me how this upgrade will help her “parent.” Does her child play there regularly? Does that child think the design is a good one? Do rocks and gravel bring out the fun in her child?

On the other hand a mother identified only by initials RW, also identifies herself as a “parent., that this upgrade has had a devastating effect on her five-year-old child, with her bursting into tears for the loss of her beloved play equipment. Where is she to take her child to play now?

As a member of this neighbourhood for the past 35 years, I have seen many upgrades at the park, but the concept that parks are for kids seems to be lost on the town. This park has always been heavily used by all members of this community, so you are correct Shayla in that it is not “just a neighborhood park.”  But you will not be seeing the “parents” of young children stopping there anymore, except maybe in the summer months, when the pool is open, as long as the tourists say it is ok of course.

Thank you, Mayor Jakeway for trying to speak for the kids.  And Claire Moglove your “let them eat cake” attitude to concerns about proper play equipment will not go unnoticed.

Linda Booth

Campbell River