B.C. VIEWS: Don’t let anger over homelessness get in the way

Frustration in B.C. grows as the problem persists

  • Dec 1, 2019

Terrible spectacle at the Sportsplex Nov. 17

Karen Spiers article was very accurate as to how things transpired that…

  • Nov 29, 2019

Swicked: Is it worth the effort?

I used to travel to Vegas each fall for work. They host…

  • Nov 28, 2019
Forestry Rally sets off
Tyee Plaza Clocktower finds its new home
Campus expansion officially opened
Vogue Villains/Let The Wrong One In

‘I’m just saying’ is an expression you could just keep to yourself

It’s usually used as though it excuses what’s just been said

Boomers are the greedy rogues whose excesses have sent humanity down the path

Thanks for the recent Opinion comment by Barbara Roden called “Time to…

  • Nov 26, 2019

OUR VIEW: December brings on the giving season

Well, December is just about upon us and in the Campbell River…

  • Nov 26, 2019

We must continue to get rid of our own waste

Referring to your article indicating that CSWM may close depots. In society,…

  • Nov 25, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: Regulating fuel prices not a new idea

Fuel prices seem to remain stubbornly high in many places of B.C.

Campbell River mayor’s fish farm support on the wrong side of history

Filed for publication with the Mirror Re: Campbell River Mirror newspaper article…

  • Nov 21, 2019

Peaceful protest goes the way of the dodo bird

Observer shocked by behaviour at Campbell River pro-life rally

  • Nov 20, 2019

EDITORIAL: When confrontation replaces dialogue

A number of recent comments making news headlines in Canada have shown…

  • Nov 20, 2019

The Editor’s Desk: Ease off on millennials

The younger generation will be the ones cleaning up the mess they’ve inherited from the older one

BC VIEWS: Action needed on healthcare workplace violence

While we’ve been talking about it, the number of B.C. victims has only grown

  • Nov 17, 2019

MIKE’S MUSINGS: The unreasonable pressure of ‘the perfect gift’

Why are we trying to “win” everyone’s Christmas?

Won’t need to face off with a banner in order to have my say

Thanks Alistair for encouraging people to express their view in Letters to…

  • Nov 15, 2019

OUR VIEW: Waiting for the future

Some future predictions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

  • Nov 15, 2019

Wexit’s entitled, petulant, self-interested leaders should be shown the door

The recent talk about Wexit seems to be a newer version of…

  • Nov 14, 2019

EDITORIAL: An ongoing call for peace

The quest for peace today seems just as elusive as it was during the First World War

  • Nov 12, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: Transportation options can be few

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