OUT ON A LIMB: ‘Tis the season to give and give and give

Let’s give some thought to some Christmas gifts we’d like to see

As we barrel headlong into the final Christmas push, our lives get busier and busier.

And while we’re pondering this Yuletide season, let’s give some thought to some Christmas gifts we’d like to see.

For starters, how about a feeling of confidence that the sale of the Elk Falls Mill will actually conclude and that we’ll see some environmental industry thriving at the site of the former pulp and paper operation. And by environmental industry, we don’t mean work for environmental enforcement agencies.

I’m thinking a card of reassurance would be nice for starters. “Merry Christmas, we’re working on it. Don’t worry,” would be appreciated.

As reporters, we are thankful for the gift  the City of Campbell River is giving us to wade into the acrimony of another budget “debate” a few months earlier than previous years. If it’s half as fun as last year’s festivities, well we’ll all be happy little media boys and girls.

Who can forget last year’s present? Remember Santa’s helper, Doug Robson, who presented a gold-plated shovel to council? That’s better than any Christmas pantomime.

Meanwhile, would it be possible to see the Chamber of Commerce and Rivercorp take some leadership on this issue and start pressuring for some answers.

It’s getting a little tiring having Mirror reporter Brian Kieran as the only one out on the point on this issue.

And speaking of the Chamber of Commerce, is it possible to get them to understand that task forces are meant to develop a plan of action not “identify ways to engage the community in further discussion on opportunities and task force recommendations that would result in community based actions and projects.”

Huh? I think it means they think the best way to boost the local economy is to convene another task force to hold further discussions. How about you have a little talk with Harold Jahn and Catalyst?

Oh well, there’s always the telly to provide us with diversions from our daily toil.

Except, there’s no hockey!

Let’s give NHL hockey fans the present they’ve been pining for, a new commissioner for the league. And while the concept of giving by taking something away is novel, let’s treat ourselves to fewer deadbeat NHL franchises that are sucking lifeblood out of our national sport. NHL contraction will be the gift that keeps on giving. Maybe some salary sanity might help hockey games approach a level of affordability for the average fan.

I know, I’m being far too greedy. A lump of coal in little Alistair’s stocking this year.