OUR VIEW: Wow, how was your weekend?

We say: Campbell River is well-served by our local RCMP

Take a moment to thank your local police officers and emergency services workers, especially after a weekend they just had.

Controversies involving police happen here and around the country but no-one can argue that in the vast majority of situations, our communities are well-served by these hardworking men and women. Their training, commitment and professionalism saves lives and that could not be exemplified better than by the work done in Campbell River this past weekend.

What a string of tragic events! A possible murder investigation, armed robbery, missing mariners and a lost kayaker. How was your weekend?

At the centre of it all were your local RCMP officers assisting and/or assisted by ambulance paramedics, firefighters, and Coast Guard personnel.

Kudos are warranted in particular for the fast response to a call of a suicidal woman. Even though the local RCMP detachment was focused on a death at a home on Alpine Road, they scrambled available resources to attend the call. Their action and knowledge led them to track a phone call down to the woods near the Elk Falls turnoff on Highway 28, conduct a line search through the bushes and locate the victim in time to save her.

The police and the family’s fast action in alerting them brought this story to a less than tragic end. The community’s thoughts are with this family as they go through this trying situation.

We call can be thankful we live in a country that can dedicate the resources to such a professional and skilled police force. They’re given the tools and the training but it’s their dedication that makes it all work at such a high level. And you know these are not pleasant situations to be caught in the middle of.