OUR VIEW: Wishing a Merry Christmas to all

We say: ‘Tis the season to reflect on our accomplishments

“And so this is Christmas,” John Lennon sang those many years ago. His voice reverberated in a matter-of-fact tone that somehow captured the sense of how much of a landmark Christmas always seems to be.

Besides being the time of year Christians have designated for celebrating the birth of their saviour, Christmas is also a moment for reflection.

“And what have we done,” Lennon continued. Sometimes, we feel we haven’t done enough, as evidence by the flurry of giving that goes on at this time of year. All of a sudden, people that aren’t overtly spiritual most of the year, become generous and considerate, striving to be better, caring and thoughtful. Not that we’re never like that throughout the year it’s just that we make a concerted effort to be extra good at this time of year.

In some ways it’s like we are facing a deadline and have  to get in our quota of compassion before the year ends. One of the biggest manifestations of the Christmas celebration is the tradition of giving gifts. Being a wealthy people, we give a lot to our families and friends, those whom we hold most dear. But, to our credit, we do take the time to think of others with whom we have no connection. The many charities that are active at Christmas time enjoy a great deal of support in our community.  We beat ourselves up a lot about the materialism and commercialism of Christmas but really, let’s give ourselves a break. We do a lot. We could do more and let’s resolve to do so, but take a moment to reflect on the good things we do. Take time to appreciate the good things in our lives and continue to share it with each other and the less fortunate.

And so, this is Christmas. We here at the Campbell River Mirror appreciate you, our readers and advertisers.

Thank you for your support throughout the year and have a Merry Christmas.