OUR VIEW: Uniting for a common cause

Relay for Life is a chance to stand with cancer survivors

The Relay for Life begins tonight and there can be no more moving sight than the Survivor’s Lap which kicks off the event.

Those who are battling cancer or who have won their fight with the disease walk together around the track at Phoenix School, frequently arm in arm and certainly united in their support and love for one another no matter what their personal cancer journey is or has been.

The Relay for Life is an emotional event that poignantly illustrates the impact the disease has on families. Coming out of a battle like that is like a hundred Stanley Cup campaigns. No wonder the mood at the Relay is a mix of exultation and gratitude. Survivors know what each person with the disease is going through and it is akin to coming through a war.

Organizers of the Relay for Life have done a good job in making the event a successful fundraiser but it has also become a celebration of life. This year the organizers want it to be even more inclusive of the community and that is appropriate as the fight against cancer is always a community-based battle.

Residents of the community support cancer research throughout the year through a number of events, charities and organizations.

Thousands of dollars are raised locally through Fox Runs and garage sales and, of course, the Relay for Life.

The Relay allows a moment for those enduring the fight to find love and support in their fellow survivors and they allow the community to make a statement that this all-inclusive disease will be defeated if we all stand together and make it happen.

– Campbell River Mirror