OUR VIEW: Time to pull together

These are strange and alarming times but it is important that we all follow that meme popular on social media: Keep Calm and….

Keep calm and…what? Well, keep calm and take the measures that federal and provincial health authorities are telling you to take. We’ve heard them all by now but if you want to review, check out page 22. Another thing that will help you get through this alarming situation is to moderate your consumption of news. Now, that probably sounds a bit contradictory coming from a newspaper, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t be staying informed. What you should do is not let yourself get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of articles, stories and reports available. The amount of material is not a reflection of the imminent danger, it’s a reflection of how much media we have in our lives. It’s useful and informative but if it gets to be too much, give yourself a break. Get away from the computer or the television and go for a walk and get some fresh air. Take time to relax.

While our society responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s all work together to limit its impact. In the words of that classic film, Apollo 13, rather than this being a catastrophe, let it be our finest hour where we all pulled together and defeated this virus.