OUR VIEW: Time for Campbell River to roll up its sleeves

We say: These projects should create future spin-offs

Things are moving in Campbell River as two major construction projects show real signs of getting underway.

Chainsaws are buzzing out at the John Hart Dam Generating Station and the new Campbell River Hospital is close to finalizing the general contractor while site clearing for two parking lots begins this month and site preparation will continue throughout the year. Groundbreaking for the new hospital is expected to begin in April, 2014.

These are all long-awaited developments and will keep the community buzzing for a few years.

Promises have been made that there will be opportunities for local service providers to become involved. The general contractors for the hospital project will be mandated to seek out local supplies and services, project leader Tom Sparrow told the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

The hospital project is not without its controversy – of course, this is Campbell River – as there is general grumbling about the P3 (public-private partnership) nature of the project and MLA Claire Trevena wants to see a complete business plan.

These two massive projects are seemingly too big to stop now, barring some huge change in economic fortunes in the province, and, once again, we will have to live with the decisions made. At the end of it all, we should have a near-state-of-the-art medical facility and a safe, efficient power station.

Additionally, local businesses will have had the opportunity to secure some stable work and with the right kind of foresight, this could spin off into benefits for the future. Put your hard hats on Campbell River, time to get to work.