OUR VIEW: The federal Liberals – using your tax dollars to bend you to their will

So, the federal Liberals are going to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline with your money – $4.5 billion of it.

Chump change in the grand scheme of things but it creates the curious scenario of British Columbians’ own tax dollars being used by the Trudeau government to impose its will on B.C. taxpayers, counter to at least some of those taxpayers’ will.

There’s obvious concern in this province about the transportation of oil products through the province, be it through a pipeline or along the coast in oil tankers. But does Trudeau try to reassure British Columbians that he’s got their back when it comes to concerns about the province’s environment? Does Trudeau attempt to mediate the country’s two most-western provinces currently concerned about a core aspect of each jurisdiction’s livelihood?

No, the Trudeau government prefers to spend billions of dollars to ram its agenda down your throat. Hmm, who does that remind you of?