OUR VIEW: Take care of your beach fires

We say: It’s one of the unique privileges we enjoy here

Once again, the behaviour of some will jeopardize the privileges of the rest of us. Sitting down on our spectacular kilometre after kilometre of waterfront and cooking hot dogs over a cheerful beach fire is one of the great things to do in Campbell River. Watching the setting sun reflect on the range of mountains on the mainland coast across from the east coast of Vancouver Island while enjoying the company of friends and family is a special privilege enjoyed by many people. Unfortunately, too many people forget to take care of their beach fires, leaving them to “burn out” while they trundle off home oblivious to the potential fire hazard they’ve left behind.

Too often, the fire department has to come in the next morning to extinguish a fire that has become established in the driftwood lining the high tide line. If people keep being so neglectful, we will all lose the privilege of enjoying a campfire on the beach.

It’s not hard to bring along a container that can douse your fire before you leave it. There’s plenty of water. There’s no reason to leave a fire still burning.

Periodically, the neglected fires result in someone suggesting a beach fire ban as the only way to control this. Hopefully it won’t ever come to that but you have to wonder if it eventually will and what a shame that will be.

So, if you’re going to have a beach fire, take a container with you so you can thoroughly douse the fire when you’re done. A plain old ice cream bucket will do. And light the fire below the high tide line, not in amongst the driftwood. It’s not that much extra effort in return for the privilege – not the right, the privilege – of enjoying a beach fire.