OUR VIEW: Support your local business

We say: Shop local and support your business-owner neighbours

We’re down to just four shopping days left before Christmas morning. Four days to find just the right gift for those loved ones on your list.

And four days to support local businesses.

This Christmas, we urge our readers to remember their local merchants and home-based businesses this holiday season.

There are hundreds of them, stretching across the city and many are involved with the Chamber of Commerce.

Each business name represents one person who was willing to invest in this community. It takes a lot of guts to hang an open sign up on your front drive, advertising hair services, computer repair or your artwork.

It takes trust in your community, and potential customers, to renovate retail space in the downtown core. Each business is hoping to make ends meet, while providing employment for others.

And while the draw to the malls in Nanaimo and beyond can be tempting, ask yourself if you can’t get a better product closer to home.

If you’ve never stepped foot in a shop in Campbellton or Willow Point Square, or never strolled down Shoppers Row except to sightsee, this is the time to do it. Many shops are filled to the brim with Christmas cheer, great gift ideas and what you need to entertain this season.

But remember, they’re also filled with your friends and neighbours, all working at making this community a better place to live, and do business.