OUR VIEW: Phony separatism

So, the de rigueur political term these days is Wexit, as in Western exit.

It’s been coined to refer to an alleged sentiment of separatism in the “West” – more specifically, Alberta and Saskatchewan (somewhat). The word originates from Brexit, the term referring to Britain’s messy exodus from the European Union. It’s comes from Britain and exit – Brexit, get it?

Well, we now have “Wexit” which gives a label to the supposed upswell of separatist sentiment in the West. It’s interesting that the “West” comprises of only two provinces in this circumstance. If Alberta and Saskatchewan are “the West,” what is British Columbia, the Far West? Most “easterners’ – i.e. people east of the Rocky Mountains – probably feel B.C. should be called “the Left.”

After wrestling with all these silly semantics, we’re left with the need to call this supposed movement out. Is there really a significant western separatist movement?

No. We don’t doubt there’s some but does a significant portion of true westerners really want to separate from Canada because if they do, we’re tempted to adopt all the anti-Quebec separatist dogma from days gone by and tell western separatists, if living in Canada isn’t good enough for you, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

But really, the right thing to say is, this country is built on compromise, stay behind and work things out like a Canadian.