OUR VIEW: Our suddenly silent North Island MLA

Trevena will have to speak outside her comfort zone

We don’t need to run to the nearest political science prof to find out there’s a pretty good chance there will be a change in governing parties in British Columbia after next spring’s election. There’s never a surer sign of a doomed political party than when the chief officers begin abandoning their “leaky ship” faster than the rats can jump overboard.

Yes, the exodus of the B.C. Liberal Party is underway with the eager New Democrats waiting to regain control for the first time in well over a decade.

Now, let’s say the NDP does win the election and let’s go further to suggest that North Island MLA Claire Trevena retains her seat in the Legislature. Trevena has been a decent representative of her riding, well-spoken in her critiques of Liberal policies and she tows the party line. Given all that, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Trevena was handed a cabinet post. That would indeed be nice reward for her and the constituency.

The problem is this “wee issue” of Trevena’s husband, Mike, going with his wife on a government-sponsored trip to Africa in 2010. Seems Mikey may have travelled on the taxpayers’ dime and that doesn’t look good in the eyes of the people who expect programs and services for their tax dollars.

The bigger problem is Trevena’s silence on the issue. It’s as if she’s followed the media policy of North Island MP and Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan: NEVER SPEAK ON ANY CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE EVER!

That has suited Duncan quite well, but voters have come to expect a little bit more from Trevena who has never been silent for long…until now. If Trevena expects to be a part of the next ruling government, she’s going to have to get out of her “comfort zone” and speak to the hot issues, whatever they may be.