OUR VIEW: Much needed rain in order

Thankful for the rain in the midst of a hot, dry summer

It may appear that the winter rains are upon us. But, it’s not winter although it is almost the end of summer. All summer long we have been basking in the sunshine, heading to the campgrounds and onto the water.

Along with this blissfully sunny summer there comes a huge price tag. The province has spent countless millions on fighting fires, many of them human-caused. Not to forget the human cost through the loss of homes and animals. It is heart-breaking to hear the losses suffered by so many because of the actions of a few.  No matter how many times you tell people to butt out safely, they don’t.

Perhaps now with the rains, the fires will die down and the firefighters will get some respite. The rains are something to be appreciated right now, and the sun will come out again and give us a spectacular autumn.

It is expected to be rainy for the next while with some sun predicted.

We are thankful for the rain, the trees and plants seem to be drinking in the moisture and the creeks and waterways are seeing some relief from the summer-long drought.

And drought it has been. We hope this is not a sign of things to come, but some say it is. The last thing we want is to be in a position like California is now. We need to be mindful of our water usage whether it is raining or not. It seems we cannot count on the snow pack as we have in years past because this dry climate may become the norm rather than the rare. The wet coast isn’t so wet these days.

The weekend before school begins is supposed to be sunny with temperatures in the 20s.

It is usually a time when families go camping and traveling on the last long weekend of the summer. The campfire bans have been lifted in most areas, but caution is still required.

Let’s enjoy these days whether it is raining or not, because both sun and rain are needed. Be careful on the highways and bring everyone back safe.

-Black Press