OUR VIEW: Let’s resolve to save Earth

Resolutions are often forgotten and broken, this year make a new resolution on Earth Day

Many of us make new year’s resolutions every Jan. 1 and by now, most of them are broken and forgotten. So why not start anew, this week, with Earth Day resolutions?

Today is Earth Day, and as there aren’t really any mainstream traditions that comprise the celebrations, we are free to decide how to mark the occasion.

We might get a few million years on this planet, if we’re careful, and each of us gets to live here for 81.25 of those years. It doesn’t seem too much to ask, for us to keep it clean and tidy while we’re here, and wouldn’t it be a good and worthy thing to do to leave it better off than when we arrived?

Are future generations going to see the Strait of Georgia the way we imagine it to be, pristine, wild, beautiful? Or will it be another polluted waterway, like too many around the world, that have become outfalls of human waste and selfishness, where we wouldn’t dream of even dipping our toes.

If we’re not going to stop making single-occupancy commutes in our SUVs, then maybe we can earn a carbon credit some other way, by cleaning a stream or planting a tree or improving our recycling efforts.

It is our choice to save the world or not, but there is some responsibility, we think, to leave it in good enough condition so that future generations will have that choice, too.

—Black Press