OUR VIEW: It’s the season of shopping and giving

We say: As the buying frenzy takes hold so, too, does the giving

Well, the Christmas retail season is officially underway what with Friday’s spectacular Truck Light Parade followed by Starlight Shopping.

It was bitterly cold Friday with a biting wind driving frigid air. But it didn’t “dampen” spirits as definitely one of the best Truck Light Parades went off without a hitch.

So, now we settle into the Christmas period in earnest not only because shopping becomes a priority in our lives but also because the giving season begins too. Many charities are at work during the build up to Christmas what with Angel Trees, Kettle Campaigns, Hamper Funds and, of course, the Mirror’s own Pennies for Presents. All of these charity efforts are valuable contributors to the needy in our community and the work done by a whole range of community organizations is to be commended.

The pattern of shopping and giving going hand in hand in our community is well established. And kudos to Campbell Riverites who support these many worthwhile campaigns. Our region has pulled through some tough times in recent years and although there’s been no powerful rebound, we are hanging in there. This is a good time of the year to reflect on the good things we have as we remember those amongst us who don’t have it as good. Keep supporting local charities, they do good work.

As you whittle away at your shopping list keep your local shops in mind as well. This week’s Cider Monday put on by downtown stores serves as a reminder that they are a big part of our community too and deserve your support as well.