OUR VIEW: Family Day – Long time in coming

We say: Make the most out of our new statutory holiday

The dog days of late winter – who hasn’t longed for the relief of a nice long weekend right around the time we’re finally going to have one to take advantage of?

Family Day… what could be a better theme for an overdue stat? If the love and value of family isn’t idealized… what can be?

It’s like the whole festive season is making a one-day curtain call… setting the stage for us all to bite down hard as we set our sights on Good Friday on the 29th of March, while paying the appropriate respects to Valentines Day, of course.

There are people living in far more senior locations than us (Germany’s a good example) who benefit from a relatively benevolent vacation structure, and their economies seem to be doing just fine as a result.

It’s not just slackers who thrive with a day off work from time to time, just think of the added employment opportunities generated just by the need to cater to all those folks taking a day off work?

Then there are those of us who can go to work and feel like its a holiday just because the phone isn’t ringing quite as much.

Whether your family is big or small, near or far… here’s hoping our February stat holiday finds you making the most of it, in whatever way suits you best.

– Black Press