OUR VIEW: College upgrade a welcome addition to the region

The official opening of the North Island College’s Campbell River campus expansion drew a host of dignitaries, faculty, staff, students and media Friday.

The newly-renovated spaces have been in use since school opened in September but these official functions often lag behind the move-in date of government-funded projects. Still, it was a happy gathering designed to launch the newly-purposed campus.

It began its life as an innovative experiment combining a new highschool and a college campus. It turned out to be a nice idea but the two educational institutions never really did mix well and it was decided to conslidate each facility into their own side of the building. Now, Timberline Secondary School sits on one side of the building on Dogwood Street and North Island College claims the other side.

In addition, NIC was expanded to move “satellite” functions – like the vocational functions formerly housed in North Campbell River – into the same building.

The expansion also allowed NIC to expand program offerings in Campbell River. The Campbell River campus has long had a vociational focus and the new expansion reinvigorates that aspect of the college (while retaining its academic offerings).

Educational institutions are an investment in a community and contribute to its long-term viability in a number of ways. This expansion of NIC’s Campbell River campus reflects an ongoing commitment to this region.

Congratulations to all involved in designing a facility that will meet the needs of this community for years to come.