OUR VIEW: Candidates: thank-you for stepping forward

Well, the nomination papers are in and the slate of candidates for city council, school board and regional district are set.

Kudos to all who put their names forward to stand for local office. Thank-you for your willingness to serve and best of luck to you all.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to get to know you better and all we ask for is your best ideas and an honest intent to work toward their implementation should you be elected.

From the voters in the region, we hope you will extend respect and a willingness to engage in good, honest debate. Be open to other people’s ideas and accept them courteously. Be civil in your discussions and remember that those standing for local office are your friends and neighbours who have shown the courage to try and make a difference to their community.

Make an effort to get the facts and don’t make assumptions based on unfounded beliefs. Too often in civic debate these days people argue over something they’ve been told without proper examination of the source and the facts.

So, again, congratulations to the candidates for stepping forward and good luck. Our community willbe all the better for your contribution.

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