OUR VIEW: Are you prepared for emergency?

We say: A major quake here will be as damaging as elsewhere

In the past few years, there have been a number of natural catastrophes around the globe that we in this corner of the world have had the immense good fortune to “experience” only as media consumers.

Each time, we should have paused to reflect upon our own level of preparedness for disaster.

Experts have long been warning that the B.C. coast sits on a major fault line. It is a matter of when, not if, a killer quake hits this area.

In the days that follow virtually every major quake and/or massive storm, thousands of people are injured, homeless, and searching for water and food.

Emergency services are often overwhelmed or cut off.

Countless households – including those that escape damage – are simply not prepared to handle such a critical emergency with the most basic supplies and plans.

Are we? The answer is, for the majority, no.

The ramifications of a major quake will be the same here as they are elsewhere.

Stores will be damaged, and those that aren’t will be void of essential supplies in hours. Transportation will be severely interrupted. Telephone and Internet is likely to be down.

So, do you have a survival kit in your home? Do you have a complete first aid kit, and the knowledge to use it? Do you have alternate shelter in case your home is uninhabitable?

Do you at least have enough water to last three days, for your entire family?

Do you have enough food on hand to last that long, or longer?

If you answered no to any of the above, you have a hoice. You can become prepared now, or ignore this latest warning – at your peril.

– Black Press