OUR VIEW: Annual Art Gallery Members’ Show a treat not to be missed

If there’s one thing around town that you should go see it should be the Campbell River Art Gallery’s 37th Annual Members’ Show.

Yes, that’s right, 37th.

In this day and age of media saturation, it’s nice to see that people – artists – just keep on creating works of art. Not everybody is crouched around their electronic device, some people are in their homemade – or other – studios putting their unique vision of the world into some sort of medium, be it acrylic paint, wood, glass or what have you. You should drag yourself away from your devices and go have a look.

And not everybody is doing it for a living, many of the artists of the Members’ Show create art for the love of creation. Not all of them expect or hope to make a living off their passion. (But they won’t turn you down if you offer to support their art by buying something)

We have no shortage of creative people in our community and it’s nice to see what they’ve been up to in the Members’ Show. Congratulations to them all on another year of great work.