Nunns Creek Park situation further stigmatizes the vulnerable people who live there: letter


This letter is written in response to the article entitled: Safety concerns run Campbell River Minor Baseball out of Nunns Creek Park

While I empathize with the Campbell River Minor Baseball Association and its members, I feel this article has continued to drive a wedge between the people living at Nunns Creek Park and those who are lucky enough to use it for their recreation. I am concerned that this article represents further stigmatization of the vulnerable people who live in this area, who already face this discrimination daily.

While I do not claim to speak for these people, I feel it my duty to remind the members of the Campbell River Minor Baseball Association that while they do have the luxury to move from Nunns Creek Park to the Sportsplex, the people who live at Nunns Creek do not.

I would hope at the City Council meeting on the 31st of May, we continue the efforts already moving forward to provide shelter, food, sanitation, medicine and mental health and addictions services to the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society.

Dr. George Halse