No reason to use such language


I found the remarks of “racism” by Homalco First Nation Chief Darren Blaney very alarming.

SEE: Aquaculture companies’ judicial review challenges reconciliation and Aboriginal Rights: First Nations

Just because the fish farm companies are expressing a dissenting opinion to the closure of 19 Discovery Islands fish farms there is no reason to use such language. The fact that the government has consulted only the Natives in this decision is good reason for the mayors, and aquaculture industry stakeholders, or any Canadian, to be very upset.

This is indicative of a much bigger problem in our society. As socialist parties (Liberal/NDP/Green) and their minions kowtow to special interest groups, good decisions made with consultation of all interested people, disappears.

I have watched a lot of good industry close, pulp mills, saw mills, mines etc., with government bureaucratic decisions contributing to their demise. Now as another industry is slowly squeezed out of existence those politicians with their gold plated pensions and benefits will not care as long as those that keep them in power are well rewarded.

Maybe in time we all will be getting a government pay check, oops, isn’t that communism?

Michael Barry

Campbell River

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