NO, REALLY: Forget fiscal planning and just party with the NDP

You too can boogie down with the left-of-centre crowd tonight for the mere entry price of $350

Poised and ready to form the next B.C. Government, there’s one thing the New Democrats must do first before the spring election.


That’s right, and you too can boogie down with the left-of-centre crowd tonight for the mere entry price of $350.

But that’s not all! While you shimmy and shake with Mable Elmore, BC NDP Deputy Finance Critic, enjoy the sweet sounds of legendary bluesman B.B. King in the comfort of a large private suite at the River Rock Casino in Richmond.

Sadly, the party neglected to send me a free media invite so I’ll just have to put on some B.B. and rekindle the memories of when I saw him last at Expo 86.

B.B.’s now 87 and I can’t imagine him getting any better in the last quarter century. Kind of like Dr. Hook who gave a wonderful performance at the Tidemark Theatre a decade or so ago, but during his recent performance, fell and practically bled all over the fans in the front row.

I’m hoping B.B. does better than the formerly-good doctor and I’m also expecting something more from the New Democrats, but not at tonight’s political fundraiser.

See, if there’s one thing the New Democrats are great it, it’s partying. My late friend and colleague Matt Plumtree always made a point of making the NDP headquarters the last stop during election night coverage.

“Win or lose, there’s always a great party,” he would say enthusiastially, especially on election day.

He never had kind words for the federal Conservative Party’s campaign headquarters, but that’s a story for another day.

What I, and quite a few more British Columbians, would like to see from the NDP is some sort fiscal plan. Any sort of business plan for the province would be nice, but so far all they continue to do is shoot fish in a barrel (i.e. criticizing every stupid Liberal move).

Even the the far-right B.C. Conservatives – who don’t even have a sitting member in the legisilature – beat the New Democrats to the punch this week by releasing a 17-page plan…with actual figures and numbers!

So far, according the copious news releases on the NDP’s website, this is what leader Adrian Dix has to say about fiscal planning on Feb. 20.

“The Liberals have shown they’re not up to the challenges facing British Columbians. Adrian Dix and B.C.’s New Democrats are offering change for the better, one practical step at a time.”

I guess that would be the two-step to one of B.B.’s ballads while the party packs its own campaign coffers.