No one is taking responsibility for clearing the sidewalks: letter


I know this was an unusal year for snow but every year when it snows, the sidewalks in Campbell River are not cleared sufficiently for pedestrians to walk on them. We have to, therefore, walk on the roads and I have been nearly hit more than once by passing vehicles.

I called the city to request the sidewalks be cleared but was told they only clear them around City Hall. I stated, “I will take the city to court if the sidewalks are not cleared.” Then I was given a different number to call and I repeated my request to them and was given the same message.

Eventually, I called the MLA’s office and I was told it was not their problem to deal with.

This is not about money. It is about people and their safety.

No one is taking responsibility for clearing the sidewalks. What rights do pedestrians have? Who is reponsible for this?

I did apologize to each person I talked to before i spoke in case I got upset with them while speaking about this issue.

Hopefully, a solution is found before more snow falls and a pedestrian is hurt.

Tammy Bortoletto

Campbell River