Callum Maclagan, 27, wants to fill the world with stories, something he loves to create. Photo contributed

My rain and my friend

Campbell River man dreams of filling world with stories

“My name is Callum, I am 27 years old and I have autism, I don’t consider this a disability because it has given me a gift. Most people find their talents later in life, it can hit them like a popcorn popping, my talent is writing stories. One of my stories will be published into a chapter book called “Blood line” I hope the readers will be interested in reading that book as well. My dream is to make this world full of stories, like back in the ancient times. Please enjoy this short story”

By Callum Maclagan

A little boy, dreary and sad, watched the grey cloud out his bedroom window, hoping it would clear, but he heard something begging him to come outside.

“Come play with us, come play with us, we won’t hurt you.”

The little rain drops that came from the clouds were begging him to come out and play,

All happy, with smiling faces in each drop.

The boy rushed outside, wondering how rain drops could play with him.

When he reached the outside, there he found a happy little boy made of water.

The water boy grabbed the child’s hands and they began dancing in the rain.

The little boy realized the rain meant no harm and wanted to play.

The two danced and played the morning away, pretending to be pirates, pretending to be sailors.

Light began to pierce the cloud and the water boy said it was time for him to go, his mother and father were calling him home.

The little boy asked if he would ever see the water boy again,

“Whenever the clouds cry, I will be here.” And with that, the water boy flew into the clouds waving to the friend he just made, leaving a rainbow in his place.

The end.