My moustache caught more food than attention

NO, REALLY: Having gone through my own medical challenges, I thought it was time to support a men’s health cause

The caterpillar living on my upper lip is gone.

I know, there are still a few days left in Movember, but when the chance came to lose it and donate a few bucks to cancer research, well, I could hardly pass up the win-win situation.

It wasn’t much of a moustache, light brown with a few red and grey hairs poking out at odd angles, it caught more food and raindrops than it did attention.

But hey, it’s not about me, it was about raising awareness and support to combat prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health challenges, according to

I never grew the ’stache before during Movember, but having gone through my own medical challenges, I thought it was time to support a men’s health cause.

Well, that was part of the reason. The other was the first Mirror issue of November. If you’ve noticed, throughout this month the entire staff “have sported” moustaches on the photos on our oped page.

It’s a fun way to support the cause, but heck, if they’re going to draw a moustache on me, why not just grow one?

So I tried. It came in slowly and I think my Dad would be entirely disappointed or thoroughly amused. I can picture that smirk behind the thick black and grey mustache that’s defined his look for more than 40 years.

Oh well, I didn’t get the “good’ stache gene” but I do have a full head of thinning hair!

Anyhow, last night, I stopped by Moxies for “A Mo For a Bro 4” and had the gals from A Cut Above shave off the lip brow for a donation.

Good time and good job for all the guys who got a little hairier this month.

  • One of the hottest tickets in the city is for the annual wine fest at North Island College.

It usually goes in the spring – a better time for the student volunteers – but this year’s event took place last Friday and was another sold-out hit.

There were loads of very good wines. I stuck with the big reds this time and was surprised how good some of the B.C. Bordeaux-inspired wines are.

Better still were the exceptional appies and service courtesy the students from the Culinary Arts and Tourism and Hospitality programs!

  • Former Mayor Roger McDonell, now VP of Stubbs Island Whale Watching, replied to last week’s column about the temperature in Campbell River.

Low and behold, there is a weather station downtown, but it has nothing to do with Environment Canada.

As a boater, McDonell was also unhappy with local weather reports so he bought and installed a weather station at the Maritime Heritage Centre.

The information is available to all online ( or through an iPhone app.

Thanks Captain Roger.