My husband is alive today because of everyone’s quick actions


On Saturday Oct. 16 2021, my life changed in a split-second.

Corner of Twillingate and Island Highway, my husband collapsed. Six foot two and he went down like a tree in a windstorm. There was no pulse, there was no breathing just glazed over eyes.

I hit the emergency call button on my cell as I began CPR. Just yelling out info to the 911 operator, speaking loudly and a person appeared to assist. He immediately called 911 on his cell then took over CPR.

Soon there was several people appearing and a first responder took over CPR. the Willow Point firefighters arrived quickly followed by an ambulance which started AED.

My husband is alive today (with all his faculties) because of quick actions from everyone. He got a stint put into a major artery that was 99 per cent blocked.

HUGE thank yous to you all….you all know who you are.

Wendy Pereira