Much as I hate to agree with Tom Fletcher…

I am writing in regard to the article that was in the paper on Wednesday, written by your reporter whose name I have forgotten (DAVE’S DIGS: Quit scapegoating vulnerable people who are pressing for change, Oct. 26).

I thought it was well written, and I was glad to see him take a swing at Tom Fletcher. I could swing away at Fletcher all day. He invites it, in fact he makes his living writing the same tired old right wing rhetoric that is designed to stir the pot and get young reporters hot under the collar.

As much as I hate to though, I am going to side with Fletcher on one point that he made. When he spoke of the indigenous or Native, or First Nations, or Indian (Whatever they are calling themselves this month) woman who was playing the “you stole our land card.” Is anyone else getting tired of that old song? The reporter defended the woman like a chivalrous young man should, but before he attacks the European settlers of Canada, calling them land thieves, should there not be some mention of people throughout the history of this planet “stealing land.”

How about that little speck of a nation on the other side of the ocean…England? At one time the British Empire consumed 75 per cent of the planet. They didn’t buy or negotiate the countries that they overtook, they just marched in and said here we are to take over your country, now be a good man and make me some tea.

It has been going on since the beginning of time, and the natives aren’t so innocent either. The Haidas used to bring war canoes down from their islands to ours to capture native slaves. It might not be right, but it is the way we humans interact with one another. So what we have now is a bunch of indigenous people complaining about getting their land stolen hundreds of years ago, and they will never stop complaining and we will never stop throwing money at them for the sins of our past, because we are too weak and guilt ridden to do anything else.

James Anderson