More on our outspoken mayor…

I’m concerned that people seem to criticize Mayor Jakeway for his approach to politics

Wow, an honest politician

I’m concerned that people seem to criticize Mayor Jakeway for his approach to politics.

Afterall, he campaigned on zero increase in taxes and was elected by the people aware of his platform.  An honest politician.  WOW, what a concept.  Conversely, if the “gang of four” had run on a tax increase platform of the magnitude that they passed, it would have probably led to their defeat, except for Councillor Samson, who spend over $7,000 to get elected.

Therein lies the difference.

People in Campbell River seem to misunderstand the role of the Mayor.  The Mayor is elected as an independent voice.  Conversely, the school board elects their chair by their fellow trustees.  Contrary to popular opinion, the Mayor is not a member of council, but a first among equals.

Afterall, this is a free democratic country and the Mayor should have the right, as we all do, to speak freely without being taken to task by members of his council.  That’s his job.  One small point for Mr. Jakeway though, he was quoted as saying that he was only speaking as an individual when he spoke at Rotary, not as the Mayor.  Unfortunately, as our elected Mayor he gave up his right to speak as an individual at such meetings.

Mary Storry should be careful what she wishes for.  As a councillor in our former community we censured the mayor for similar behaviour and ultimately he ended up as the Minister of Health in the provincial government.

She runs the risk of making a martyr of the Mayor.

Sterling Campbell


What have we gained with you as mayor?


In today’s paper you are quoted as stating “You are not interested in how hard city managers are working, your interested in results.”

I could not agree more. With that in mind,  I would like to hear from you. What have you delivered in the months you have served as our mayor? I have read about all the things you consider to be past mistakes made by city hall and how incompetent most of the managers and the majority of council are. You were doing all of this before we started paying you.

What have we gained by putting you in the Mayor’s Chair?

Bob Tanner


Learn from our mistakes

Reading various articles and letters to the editor, a lot of things come to mind.

Some people seem to believe that looking to the past is dredging up old wounds, I disagree whole heartedly. As individuals we should learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them. I for one support our new mayor 110 per cent, he is showing us why our local government is ineffective and this can be extrapolated to show why or provincial and federal governments are ineffective as well.

Too many fat cats that have carved out a comfy existence in a corner office drawing in big salaries and benefits with no real accountability, waiting for the Golden handshakes.

Have you people forgotten the money that was spent just a few short years ago to get rid of the Fire Chief and others?

Do you think the crisis in Europe happened over night? These things took time to grow out of control as they are starting to here. Our Mayor and many of us realize you can not continue to gouge the tax payers without getting your house in order. Do we as Canadians have to change the way we do business? Damn right we do! If something is not working then change it, that was why I voted for the Mayor and it is too bad the “majority” of council still have their heads buried in the sand.

Gerard Dalle Vedove


I regret voting the way I did


Re: councillors, Mennie, Moglove, Samson.

If I have voted  for them, I regret so, so much. They should call a new  election to get them out. I have only praise and respect for for  Mayor Jakeway and Coun. Adams, and Kerr.

Real Gagnon