Maybe it’s time for a new cartoonist?

Okay, we get it! You don’t like Trump ands all he stands for and all he does. Fine.

We already get more than enough Trump-bashing and gossip online and via network news. This is a Canadian paper which should focus on Canadians news IMHO. When it comes to bashing/critiquing/commenting on politicians and others, we have plenty here at home to keep us amused and engaged. Take the recent House of Commons question/answer period incident where the Liberals were questioned about how 186 billion tax dollars were allocated and the shocking partial answer given that 20 buses were purchased for Halifax.

Hasn’t Mayor Adams and/or the local city council ever said or done something to gobsmack us? And we have provincial politicians as well. Plenty of fodder for your political cartoonists to lampoon.

Maybe it’s just that new cartoonists are needed for a Canadian focus. Just sayin’.

Bruce Paddle

Campbell River