Maritime Heritage Centre is a crown jewel

The Maritime Heritage Centre is not the right place for the SPCA

When I moved to Campbell River 31 years ago, it came as a surprise that a sewage treatment plant was located smack dab in the centre of town.

Through the efforts of many civic-minded and far-sighted citizens this blight was turned into a jewel in the crown of  the City of Campbell River.

Coupled with the Discovery Pier, the Maritime Heritage Centre is one of the centrepieces of downtown Campbell River, something to be envied by other communities.

This is not the place for the SPCA.

Through dedication, vision and hard work, we have taken a site of high value, low use and turned it into a site of high value and high use.

Locating the SPCA here, in my view, would not only be regressive, but an affront to those who dedicated themselves to building it.

My suggestion is that the SPCA find a more suitable location.

I noticed there is a Doggie Day Care on 14th Avenue, which would (correct me if I am wrong) indicate that zoning for this type of use is premissable in the area.


James Bifano

Campbell River