Making the list of top valued homes

If you’re feeling really flush, there’s a few properties in the area that have made the list of Vancouver Island’s priciest homes

Alistair Taylor

Well, it’s a new year and maybe things are looking up for you. If so, why not pick up a new house? And if you’re feeling really flush, there’s a few properties in the area that have made the list of Vancouver Island’s priciest homes (excluding Victoria). They’re not necessarily for sale but you could always make an offer.

A list of the highest residential assessed values for the Vancouver Island region was released Friday by BC Assessment and dug up by Black Press Lower Mainland regional reporter-at-large Jeff Nagel.

To see the properties listed on a map, visit or

The highest assessed property on the list is on Dorcas Point Road in Nanoose which is valued for tax purposes at $10,103,000.

The Campbell River area slots in on the list at the fourth highest spot for Subtle Island near Cortes Island. It’s valued at $4,410,000.

Cortes Island gets on the list in the 11th spot with a Sutil Point Road property worth $3,419,000. Cortes and its adjacent islands holds a number of top spots.

Little Dent Island is valued at $2,904,000, good for 20th on the list. Next is a Jeffery Road property on Cortes valued at $2,892,000, 21st overall.

Quadra Islanders can hold their noses up in the air…sorry, hold their own with a property on the list coming in at 23rd. It’s valued at $2,766,000 and is on Hyacinthe Bay Road.

The highest property from within the City of Campbell River is a a Mcdougall Way property valued at $2,216,000, good for 49th on the list. It’s the only property within the urban area of Campbell River in the top 100. Another two Quadra Island properties make the top 100: another Hyacinthe Bay Road property valued at $2,171,000, 54th overall and a $2,046,00 Bold Point Road property at 72nd on the list.

Stuart Island makes the list at $1,988,00, good for 77th. Small islands are worth a lot of money but, surprisingly, they’re not the most valuable properties.

Of course, now that I’ve publicized these properties, I can expect somebody to call and complain that their property is a) not worth what I’ve written or b) worth more than what I’ve written.

Keep in mind that these are BC Assessment’s valuation for tax purposes and not the market value.

And, for the record, my house is nowhere near the top 100 valued properties on Vancouver Island.

As much as these Vancouver and adjacent island properties are, they pale in comparison to the Capital region (aka, Victoria area).

Top property valuation there is $51,621,000 for James Island near Victoria. Second highest property is another island, Samuel Island valued at $16,950,000. The City of Victoria finally gets on the list in third place with a property worth a paltry $12,851,000.

But the Lower Mainland is the place to be with the $57.6-million newly built Kitsilano waterfront home of LuluLemon founder Chip Wilson on Point Grey Road being the highest valued residential property.

The top 10 Lower Mainland homes are assessed at more than $25 million.


Alistair Taylor is editor of the Campbell River Mirror.