Make this the year you take action

As the calendar is flipped open and the first month of 2016 greets us, many of us welcome the feeling of a new beginning that’s always associated with New Year’s Day.

Nothing is actually different between Dec. 31, 2015 and Jan. 1, 2016, except the numbers used to designate the day and date. The economy doesn’t suddenly change. The weather certainly doesn’t change from what we’ve been getting the previous few weeks..

But in our minds, something changes. We certainly are not as busy as we were the latter half of December but, more than that, our thoughts are prone to looking ahead. Maybe we decide to lose some weight, eat healthier, exercise more. Other thoughts like, I should get out fishing more often this year. Or I’ll spend more time playing catch with my kids.

Maybe this is the year you decide to go into business for yourself. Or change careers.

All things seem possible when the calendar is turned. The challenge is to change thought into action. Maybe that’s the biggest resolution we all need to make – to take action on our hopes, thoughts, plans and dreams. As the shoe company says, “Just do it!”

There are many things we can do in our area. We can take more action on the plight of the homeless in our community. We can pitch in and help remove invasive species from our beautiful wetlands and estuarine habitats. We can help stock the shelves of the Food Bank. We can give our time towards helping young people in the region. We can take a moment to tell our federal and provincial representatives what kind of country or province we want. We can complain less and demand more. We can give more and take less.

There’s no shortage of things we can all do to make our communities better. Let’s be the year we all resolve to do one thing that makes our region better.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and advertisers.