‘Lone Rangers and cowboys don’t work’

Really, Davies? You’re going to go off about how, “we should engage with the political process?”

We’re two weeks out from the municipal election.

Really, Davies? You’re going to go off about how, “we should engage with the political process,” and that “our vote matters,” and that “we need to ensure that our elected officials are our voice,” again?

Yes. Yes I am.

Peter Wipper, the City of Campbell River City Clerk and Chief Elections Officer gave a talk earlier this week at a Young Professionals of Campbell River event about his role in elections, why he’s so passionate about municipal politics, and how people should engage with the process.

He said some interesting things about what makes a good elected body of representatives, and why it’s important to know about the candidates you’re getting to choose from that I feel I should share.

“The city can only do something if four out of seven (representatives) agree that it’s something the city should do,” he said.

This means you, as a voter, should be choosing candidates who you not only feel represent your interests as a citizen, but who you also think can work together with other members of council to make decisions on your behalf. It doesn’t matter if your representatives have your back if they can’t work with the other members of council to accomplish the things you want them to accomplish.

“You need to ask yourself, ‘Can this person work in a group format?’” Wipper said. “Lone Rangers and cowboys don’t work.”

He said that if a candidate is professing to be a strong-willed, independent thinker who sticks to their guns, they’re probably not the right person for a job on council.

“If they’re a cowboy,” he said, “they’re probably not going to get things done.”

Take these last two weeks before the election to find out about these people who are running for the opportunity to represent you on council (the Mirror and the YPCR are hosting a forum with the candidates at the Tidemark on Nov. 6, for example). Find the cowboys (and cowgirls) and find the team players who will negotiate, be open-minded, and work as a part of a larger group to find common ground top get things accomplished.

Then go vote for those people on Nov. 15.