Listen and research

He obviously has never known the unconditional love of an animal

After reading the comments by Mr. Krueger regarding the Campbell River “dog over-population problem” I feel compelled to respond to him. First and foremost I would like to extend my sympathy as he obviously has never known the unconditional love of an animal and likely neither has any of his family (although with his lack of compassion hopefully he never had any).

He seems to believe he is one of the “thinking” Campbell Riverites but perhaps he should listen and research a situation before he publicly comments, since he obviously does not understand the problem. A facility is needed in order to care for animals who are homeless – not because of “pet lovers” but because of irresponsible humans who have not ensured that their animals were spayed or neutered. It is also necessary so that care can be provided to animals who are abused – again by irresponsible humans. There are too many other reasons a facility is needed to list them all in this short column. Here is a quote from Ghandi to consider, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

Mr. Krueger should also consider the fact that a city has many needs and a variety of interests within it’s residents and in order for it to become a desirable community to live in there must be a balance of all the facilities and services that are available. Just because someone does not like (for example) swimming, fishing, hockey, or animals, does not mean that taxpayers shouldn’t support a swimming pool, boat dock, ice arena, or animal welfare centre. So perhaps if you’re so cynical and uncaring about living beings then maybe you should be the one to go live on property outside the city where you may be able to avoid “pet lovers and their pets” as we certainly don’t want to have you in our city either.


Bonnie Fulton

Campbell River