Library: Move to 3-acre site

Letters to the Editor

I read with interest this morning “Tidemark facelift proposed.

Sounds like a pretty tight space for all that is proposed for an already cramped area.  Unless…a new Library on the three-acre site was built. The old Library could become a public art space and much more. It would be much easier to get funding for a new Library, (from three levels of government) than almost any other public construction and it is attached to the Tidemark.

Libraries are not what they used to be. They are gathering space for all ages from children to seniors needing e-books and computers, even for the homeless. Libraries are the ultimate public space. Spaces within a new library could be available for rent as well.

New Libraries are being built everywhere, preparing for the new technologies.

We would like to see the Info Centre on the three-acre site as well, that IS the highway, next to Quadra ferry dock, closer to Campbellton and northbound traffic, continuation of the Seawalk and the Spit. Without the Info Centre, this would free up much more space for the Art Gallery to expand.

A two-story library on the three-acre area would be a beautiful addition to our interesting waterfront. In the last election this three-acre area was to be a priority this year or 2016.

Let’s get started with some grass.

It should have been grassed over 20 years ago to keep the whole area in the our hands but never to late, a new Library and Info.Centre would be a good thing today.

Mary Teer on behalf of The Art Group at Sybil Andrews Cottage