Quit complaining

Quit complaining Okay Campbell River – I’ve had enough. Every time I’ve opened the newspaper in the last couple of weeks, all I’ve seen is complaint after complaint about the new system of garbage pickup. I, for one, applaud City Hall and their efforts to help reduce our waste and carbon footprint. What did you people think? We could just keep polluting our little city and filling up our landfills until the end of time? It’s about time that the government starting mandating a change in the way we treat our garbage. In my household, we go out of our way to buy products that have limited or recyclable packaging. We compost. We re-use items like bread bags and egg cartons. We recycle all of our tin cans, newspapers and cardboard products. With these steps, we only put out half a can of garbage every Wednesday morning. You can do it too. And stop whining and complaining about this progressive move made by the city – they’re only trying to help preserve our little slice of heaven for our children and our children’s children. Lyssa Marcil Campbell River Wise guys It seems there is no end to the wisdom at our Campbell River City Hall. I take it that the idea of cutting down on the amount of garbage we are allowed each week is to be some kind of green thinking? So then why ask people to start up their cars and drive around to get a stupid tag? I would say if there is two cans then just take the garbage out of them and it will save people the gas and exhaust fumes in order to do just that. It will also save the city the cost of running an ad in the paper with a coupon so we can go drive down and get a coupon. Sheila Hansom Campbell River Cash grab The Garbage situation in Campbell River, is, in my opinion, just another ‘fool you’ cash grab by the city.  We don’t get the service that we used to, nowhere near, we have garbage sitting on the streets because it was refused to be picked up by the people that we hire to pick it up. Seems to me that if an employee refuses to do something then that same employee needs to be replaced, at least that is how normal operations work. But, oh! Gee! I forgot, this is for the city so we have to figure in other considerations, we all know what those are, don’t we? I have a very strong view of recycling and recycle everything I can, that means that I have a kitchen-catcher size garbage bag in a month – not per week, per month. So when I toss my kitchen catcher half-full bag beside my recycle bins I was surprised to find it ignored and ran over by the truck. Is it oversize maybe? Too heavy? Oh wait I know, it has to be in a large can that is four times heavier than the bag itself.  Yes, this makes sense!  Have I mentioned my employee replacement theory? Doug Cairns Campbell River Change for the better I would just like to send a huge thanks to the city for having the courage to make us change.   For years our house has been putting out more recycling than garbage. The change the city has asked us to make is for the better. They want us to decrease our waste. There are many ways of doing that. We can buy items with less packaging and packaging that you can recycle, we can compost, we can reuse many items instead of throwing them away. It’s very easy to throw things away without taking the time to reuse it, clean it and/or recycle it.   The city didn’t impose these new rules just to annoy people, they imposed them to make us change. This change may take a little extra work and time, but it’s worth it to decrease the amount of waste we just throw away. People need to realize that the waste doesn’t just disappear it sits in a landfill for years. If people took the time to think about what they throw out they might realize that it’s not going to be that hard of a change.   Melissa Bates Campbell River