LETTERS: Rural politics

I have lived in this beautiful community only a year now

Rural politics


I have lived in this beautiful community only a year now.  From the mainland, I am adjusting to rural politics, I am in Area D.

Elected officials who do not want their meetings viewed by their public; who would maybe be less than transparent when others watch, and they admit this freely. I do not understand this.

I have nothing but cynicism now where I only previously had dissatisfaction.

Area D seems to have little or no representation.

No wonder I wonder where these enormous taxes go. We have little in services at all: no sewer and no real work towards that; no sidewalks, no crosswalks of the highway no garbage pick up, very few streetlights.

I could go on but instead, can’t wait until the next election!

Billie Harlow


Hot rodders insulted


I just read the Police Beat section of today’s Mirror.

I take exception to the headline and RCMP comments re: Hot Rodder wanted. I am a member of the BC Hot Rod Association and the local car club. We spend thousands building our treasured rides and treat them with respect.

We also encourage our members to obey the rules of the road. To refer to a grey or silver pickup truck as a hot rod is just a little insulting.


Stan Cook

Animal control officer needed


In light of the recent killing of a pet dog by pit bulls, could campbell river please consider getting an animal control officer?

They are very efficent, and considering the amount of free running dogs, and dog attacks in Campbell River would be a great addition.

More and more people are now reluctant to walk there pets, as there are no consequences for letting your dog run free, and it would seem none if they injure or kill another do – the SPCA does a fine job of animals in their care, and are no doubt too busy to bother checking free-running dogs.

There will be more incidents unless there is some control brought into the picture, as it is, irresponsible dog owners can do what-ever they want and get away with it.

The city should really consider this;  pet owner and dog lover;

R. Miller