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LETTER - Saratoga Speedway development benefits outweigh the negatives

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Regarding the ‘Saratoga Speedway Complex Concerned Citizens’ group:

I completely believe your group has the right to object to Saratoga Speedway’s development.

You’ve said this was all about development. Some might believe you, but most racing fans would not. You’re adding to your complaint, things about noise levels, emissions, greenhouse gas, etc.

You must be aware that Western Speedway has closed. Where shall they race? That’s right, The Saratoga Speedway.

Your so-called loosely formed group is against the development of land into 168 RV and trailer sites. May I point out, most sites are seasonal things. This will accommodate racers, crews, their families, and fans.

Would you rather they develop this land into condos? Imagine the impact on your “rural community” then. Condos, full-time residents, soundproofed condos. They would draw on your stated resources. Mr. Leighton could expand the track, making it bigger for more fans or events such as Big Monster Trucks, Smash up Derbys, Fireworks Extravaganzas, etc

I want you, concerned citizens, to add up all your vehicles: cars, trucks, diesel trucks, ATVs, business vehicles, those who run big rigs, and every piece of farm equipment - which run on dirty farm diesel. Now add all those up and take that number and multiply it by six, for the number of days you run said vehicles.

That number is probably higher than your so-called emissions from the track. Look at yourselves first. What about wood-burning fireplaces? The emissions from those are astronomical.

You just need to evaluate the real issues. Pick your battles, focus on one thing. If the noise is really your issue, then buy good earplugs. This is not a daily noise.

Tourists come into the area, spend money, visit restaurants, ice cream parlors, the supermarket, farm markets. Tourism contributes a large share to the area’s economy.

Carmen Lepine,

Comox Valley