LETTER: Council can’t appease the noisiest lobby

Reader says Campbell River elected a mayor who has no experience on council or any public position

Those of us who do not think a 10-13 per cent increase in the budget is that big an issue are not talking because there is nothing to gain from it. But we are out there.

Last year I responded to some comments about the toilets by the Centennial building. They were not fancy enough for the writer. I commented that money always comes into play and this was a prudent (and sufficient) facility. We also had complaints about the lack of lawn mowing (a logical restraint measure). That convinced the city to spend the money to mow the lawns.

The people who complain about the increase (including the mayor) want the city to operate on a shoestring. It could be true that there is places to cut, but I very much doubt that it will not be reflected in the operation of the city. Even now I see the removal of the weeds growing on the sidewalks.

Do we need that, no, but we want that. I’ll bet that most would want it done. Do we want to look poor? What will happen next year and the year after. With the loss of the mill and the increased cost of fuel and wages what else can council do?

There are always areas of waste, regardless of whether it is private or public enterprise. When someone sees seven employees at a road maintenance site, they make assumptions that they are doing little or nothing.

How can a bystander determine that he could do the job with fewer when he/she really doesn’t have a clue what is the scope of work?

We elected a mayor who has no experience on council or any public position, is plain dumb. Now some person who thinks they can do better, spouts off a bunch of BS that he knows nothing about and makes promises they can’t keep.

The irony is that a new mayor relies so much on the administrators that they become more powerful. The four councillors who voted as they felt was right for the city are being called “gang of four” to try to intimidate them.

This reference is a bully tactic and is uncalled for. We elected them to make the best decisions from their knowledge and experience.

I don’t want the councillor to listen to the loudest person in the room since I/we may not be in the room to respond.

Frans A. Hoogeveen