Let’s go ahead with the speedway expansion – letter


Re: Saratoga Speedway plans

As a long time resident, I would like to see the race track expand. We certainly need more campsites as what we have now in the area are fully booked for summer months.

As far as water concerns, the developer could drill for water as we did on our farm on Hamm Road; lots of water was found.

The fun part of the race track brings a lot of safe entertainment for everyone, young and old. It provides employment for many young folks and older folks. As far as the noise level goes, it’s normally a few days of the week and certainly not late at night.

I’ve lived in the Oyster River area since 1957 and have enjoyed all aspects of the race track along with many friends and family. Young kids get the opportunity to learn how to drive very well and if the opportunity exists to work in the pit, they learn auto mechanics as well.

Let’s go ahead with this; we need some fun and not so much negativity. I am sure the people against this would change their thinking if they attended a race.

Dennis Amos and family