Let’s get going on Raven

I strongly believe that Campbell River could be a mining hub for the North Island

Filed for publication with the Mirror

Dear Premier Christy Clark,

As you know, recently Geoscience BC and Island Coastal Economic Trust have provided $930,000 of funding to generate new, leading edge, technical geoscience data for northern Vancouver Island.

While speaking to people in Campbell River, Minister of Jobs, Tourism, & Innovation, Pat Bell has been quoted saying “This initiative by itself, could be a major driver for your economy.”

I fully agree with Minister Bell, and I am ardently waiting for this to come to fruition. I strongly believe that Campbell River could be a mining hub for the North Island. We have the resources and the expertise to explore and mine these resources under strict environmental regulations.

Providing $930,000 in funding is wonderful, but if the data collected goes nowhere in terms of developing the resources because of environmentalist nonsense, it will be a complete waste for the taxpayers of B.C.

Premier, I request and encourage you to show your loyal constituents and all the people of Vancouver Island that your government is not just paying us lip service.

Please show us that you are serious about making exploration and mining a priority and reality by pushing through the approval of the Raven Underground Coal Project once you have received the Environment Assessment Application.  Let’s get going. We need a major boost to our economy.  We need to show investors that they are welcome here in B.C.

We need to ensure the process is thorough, but not arduous.  Right now investors are extremely cautious to invest in B.C., as all the red tape is extremely costly and cumbersome.

Minister Bell conservatively estimates exploration could provide 200-300 jobs by Spring 2013.

The Raven Underground Coal Project estimates it would provide 800 local jobs.

We need these jobs, and the economy of B.C. needs this investment.

This will only occur with the full assistance and support of our B.C. government.

Please show your support.

Sandra Karason