James Durand

Lessons learned from the BC Bike Race


Me and a couple of buddies just did the seven-day BC Bike Race. It was exhilarating and painful, frustrating and rewarding, but mostly just a great holiday riding amazing single track along coastal B.C.

Along the way I had some realizations and came up with the “Middle Aged Rider’s Guide to BC Bike Racing”. Here’s my list of the things you should do to survive the week with 300km of pedalling and over 10,000 meters of climbing.

1 – Get a partner who is slower than you and use them as an excuse to rest. My partner taught me this one.

2 – Remember to look around and enjoy the scenery. B.C. is amazing and this is a holiday after all.

3 – You’re old, so it’s not really a race any more. Call it a seven-day ride and feel good about it.

2 – You are about to endure unreal amounts of pain. Embrace it, maybe even try to enjoy it.

3 – When you are suffering more than you ever imagined on a climb, find a cute girl who is faster than you and let your ego get you to the top, your legs will recover later…maybe.

4 – After a few days of epic riding, you may become disoriented. DO NOT confuse your chamois butter with the regular butter.

5 – You’re a local rider and love steep technical riding so don’t train to be a climber, just make up time on the sweet DH sections.

6 – Remember that when the Euro rider who has never seen a wet root, crashes in front of you, he offers better traction than the wet roots, but we’re Canadian so be sure to thank him as you leave tread marks on his back.

7 – When you realize the leaders have showered, changed, cleaned their bikes and eaten lunch before you crossed the finish line, quickly go shower and stand around the finish line while the stragglers cross. It will make you feel way better about yourself.

8 – When you get to the North Shore, the night before that leg, go do some DH shuttles. You miss all the climbing so it’s kind of like resting.

9 – Treat each day like a fun ride. Hang with your buddies after, tell stories, maybe have a beer and try to relax a bit. Don’t worry, you can suffer more tomorrow

10 – The 100 times over the week that you feel like quitting…toughin’ up butter cup. No one said this was easy, you can rest next week!

Thanks to Woody, Chewbacca and the Pudman for making it such a great week.




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