Just like Rivercorp, I want more money too

I know the powers that be who control the purse strings aren’t going to be happy with my request

I need to ask for a lot more money.

Oh, I know the powers that be who control the purse strings aren’t going to be happy with my request.

They’ll point out that revenues have never fully recovered from the recession and other costs just keep going up as well.

I do know this, all too well.

Nevertheless, I think it’s perfectly sensible to ask for an outrageous wad of cash, because I know I’m worth it. And if they can’t see the value in wheeling over a wagon load of loot to my desk, I only need to point out that I’m not the only one wanting.

There is, in fact, a perfect example right here in our fair city of another organization asking for hefty raise because, frankly, they think they’re worth it too.

I’m talking about Rivercorp.

That’s the economic “arm” of the city which has a great name, even though few outside its boardroom really know what it does.

Excuse me, Rivercorp is responsible for tourism and the visitor’s information centre – the latter ripped from the clutches of the chamber of commerce, but that’s an old story.

Tourism, however, is not the reason Rivercorp CEO Vic Goodman is asking for $292,000 more on top of the $535,000 it received last year from the city.

What is really needed, Goodman told city councillors, are two more employees: an economic development officer at $53,663 a year and a development researcher at $41,111 a year.

Now it’s been a while since I last skipped math class, but somehow I don’t think that adds up to almost 300-grand.

I’m also a little sketchy on what a development researcher is or what they do.

And, please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it Goodman’s job to act as the city’s economic development officer? Or does that not fall under his job description and annual $107,000 taxpayer-funded salary?

I’m confused. Council’s confused. And even Goodman couldn’t quite explain what all the money’s for. Great, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s try to sort out this mess.

First, the city needs to cut $3.6 million from this year’s budget.

Second, Rivercorp has been sucking money from the city for 12 years and I’m hard pressed to think of a single significant enterprise it has attracted to Campbell River.

Third, do we need Rivercorp?

Why not hire one good economic development officer who can suggest ways to make this city more attractive to current and new business? I promise you, he or she won’t cost almost $800,000.

And all I ask for this advice is a mere token, let’s say 50 grand, because I know I’m not getting that much from my employer.