Jocelyn’s Jottings: When the pop culture reference goes over your head

There is a bit of generation gap here at the office.

I’m 25, Alistair is late 50s and Mike is late 30s.

Sometimes that makes for shared pop culture references that I haven’t heard of before. To be fair I was also sheltered from pop culture as a child, so I miss even the 90s references.

But Mike has taken it upon himself to assume I don’t know what he and Alistair are talking about and inform me of the references.

Yesterday he was singing “She drives me crazy” in an odd, high-pitched, boy-band type voice, which is out of character, Mike doesn’t do pop music usually.

And so I was introduced to the Fine Young Cannibals.

I’m not better off knowing this song exists, though I will now understand the reference…

Thursday morning, Mike said “You are the wind beneath my wings,” before immediately turning to me and saying something like “you don’t know that reference either do you.”

And so I was introduced to Bette Midler and the song You are the Wind Beneath my Wings, which I am assuming has been played at many, many, many weddings.

Again, not 100 per cent sure that I am better off after hearing this song.

Not ten minutes later Alistair says “I’m not trying to be the Cliff Clavin…” And Mike once again looks at me, “You know, the character from Cheers.”

Cheers I have heard of and never watched. But now I have another way to call someone a know-it all. Seems like Mike is the Cliff Clavin in this scenario.

Working in the newsroom is a constant learning experience. On Wednesday I learned that the RCMP has vessels that are basically floating detachments that serve the islands in the area. I also learned that sea otters can grow up to six feet long.

As demonstrated, my co-workers also take the time to inform me on their pop culture references that are beyond my years, usually in order to tease me, and they never miss the chance to make fun of me for being a lazy, entitled millennial.

The generation gap is real over here at the Mirror. But I think it is an added benefit. How else would I learn about popular culture before my time as well as weird sports references? And how would Mike know about any of the performers at the young/hip music festivals that are coming up?

Learning one new thing a day seems like it should be an achievement, but, as it turns out, that new fun fact isn’t necessarily useful…

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