I’ve never had a representative of Brenda Leigh’s quality before

There must have been a hidden agenda in this poison pen letter

Regarding the Treacy Letter slamming Area D Director Brenda Leigh.

How out of line this letter was.  There must have been a hidden agenda in this poison pen letter.  I have lived in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Kapuskasing, Ottawa, Toronto/North York and Scarborough and have never had an elected representative of the quality of Brenda Leigh.  When people comment on unacceptable politicians I tell them that I have one of the best ones and that takes in over 41 years of home ownership.  I live in Area D because Brenda has been able to keep it financially stable without any significant loss in any other area of operations.  Can anyone in Campbell River make that claim?  I think not.  Brenda works tirelessly for her constituents – far beyond what should be expected of an area Director.  When there was a mess at Hagel Park recently she was there first thing in the morning with garbage bags, broom and cleaning supplies.  She didn’t want to call in staff on overtime so she got volunteers to help her clean up.  Have any of you in Campbell River had that happen with your elected representatives?

Brenda Leigh is by far one of the best representatives of any jurisdictions I have lived in.  It was very gratifying to see in the July 31 edition of the Mirror the two positive letters about Brenda.  To mimic a previous slogan that was against Brenda and backfired – Ho Ho Hey Hey, Brenda Leigh is here to stay!

Cecil Henley