It’s not free trade nor fair trade. It’s fear trade

As a Canadian Citizen I demand to know why this is taking place

Filed for publication with the Mirror

John Duncan, MP Vancouver Island North

It is very plain to me that this Canada/China Trade Agreement is a win, win for China and a lose, lose for Canada. As a Canadian Citizen I demand to know why this is taking place.

Where are our Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly who have been elected by Canadian Citizens to represent us and to care take and protect our natural resources and precious water and air quality.

We have what China needs and wants. If we hold all the cards, why is there such a rush to implement this trade agreement? This, in my opinion, is not free trade, it is not fair trade. This is fear trade. Why?

This federal government, as well as provincial governments, have abrogated their fiduciary obligations to practice democracy and to retain sovereignty on behalf of its citizens and I believe this abrogation is tantamount to treason. Treason, “the violation or betrayal of the allegiance that a person owes his sovereign or his country.”

Mr. Duncan, playing “follow the leader” makes you no less of a traitor.

On the cusp of Nov. 11 the one single day that we cease doing our usual daily activities and pause to pray for and thank Canadian Soldiers and all soldiers around the world who fought and died on foreign soils to keep Canada and the world free from political domination, your governments have despoiled their efforts, their deaths rendered meaningless as a result. Perhaps you could consider delaying the signing of this Canada/China fiasco of a Trade Agreement until Nov. 11 and really twist the sword a little deeper – the same sword that Stephen Harper used with one single swipe to sign this agreement. Needless to say, our soldiers are still fighting and dying around the world for what? The domination of oil resources to make the already wealthy and powerful even more so?

John Duncan it is time for you and your fellow MPs and MLAs to step up to the plate and prove your loyalty to Canada and its Citizens.

John Duncan, it is time for you to finally take a stand and implement your motto  “Committed to Serving the Constituents of Vancouver Island North.”

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

I am submitting this letter in good faith with the very slight glimmer of hope that you and your fellow MPs and MLAs might just listen.

But then, who do I think I am? Who I am is a very concerned and caring Canadian Citizen who, so far, has the right to express my opinion.

Lynda V. Belter,

Campbell River