It is acceptable to heat our homes with burning wood

New wood stoves and fire place inserts burn at a very high temperature and the emissions are acceptable

Last edition there was a letter about the use of wood stoves and fireplaces.

Contrary to this letter, I offer some other points of view.

If you go to the BC Air Quality web site it states: “All advanced wood stoves and fireplace inserts manufactured in BC must meet emission certification and labelling under Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation. The regulator specifies emission limit for particulate matter, and labelling and testing requirements, for new solid fuel(wood) stoves, fire place inserts and factory built fireplace manufactured after Nov 1, 1994.”

Ministry of the Enviroment web site mentions new standard will be reviewed in 2016. New wood stoves and fire place inserts burn at a very high tempature and the emissions are acceptable to BC Air Quality. So the odour from burning wood is not a clear representation of pollutants.

Finally, we all make choices in how we want to live based on many factors. In each of our homes we live within the law including air quality and enirvomental regulation.

And at this time it is acceptable as noted above to heat our homes or enjoy a warm fire.

Erin C. Blake

Campbell River